house tour: one night stand.

nightstandstylig6nightstandstyling3 nightstandstyling4 nightstandstyling5nightstandstyling2nightstandstyling1 After almost two (2!) years in our house I tackled my nightstand (note: not P’s, just mine). It’s cheerful but cheeky.

Bitch, Please sign here.
Glass vase and water glass/caraffe here and here
Cream and gold bowl here
Ceramic whale ring holder, something similar here
Tray here (via Anatomy Design)
Black Candle here (via Bougie Parfumee)
Journal (gifted) but here are some nice ones.

consumerist: series 3. catbird at home

catbirddecor catbirddecor2

Besides being my go-to spot for jewelry, catbird curates and sells amaze home goods, art, candles and fantastic little presents and cards for your extra especial ladeez. When last in New York I picked up this bowl to corral my nightstand nonsense and this little pencil satchel which says ‘these machines kill fascists’ which is a shout out to Woody Guthrie who was a BAMF and also,I like to believe the pen IS mightier than the sword (most of the time?).

consumerist: series 2. ring in spring (in the northern hemisphere)


We’re transitioning into fall in the southern part of the world but that doesn’t stop me from shopping for spring (if I ignore winter, it won’t come right? RIGHT?). I needed new sandles (3/4 of the year I am in sandles, after all) so I grabbed these from Fab when Kate Spade was debuting her new Saturday line. Then I saw this Nanette Lepore one piece from Anthropologie and it needed to be mine. We have a pool and so it wasn’t too hard to justify. Since I have 20/10 vision (AHEM that’s sniper vision people) I couldn’t quite justify these Warby Parker tortoise shell glasses in violet magnolia without an Rx (I think I’ve spent enough money on fake glasses to last me a life time). Lastly this turquoise ring from Catbird would look absolutely splendid on my middle finger in spring but I have done nothing to deserve it (unless you count tirelessly instagramming my pup).


fashion friday: diy first knuckle rings

     After making some jewelry when Anna and Maureen came to visit, I had about 1,000 crimps left over and no ideas. So for this Fashion Friday, I’m combining some of my favorite things: first knuckle rings, jewelry made of thin strings and DIY.
You’ll need:
Silk thread, or embroidery thread in the color of your choice
A pair of pliers
     Simply follow the instructions above, except I forgot to add: TRIM OFF THE EXCESS THREAD after your clamp down on the crimps. You can make a whole stack or just a couple to add to the party on your hand. I used black thread, obvi but feel free to get crazy. For the pinky ring I just added a separator. Add anything you like!
The two thin bands on my hand are the catbird first knuckle ring in rose gold and their threadbare ring in yellow gold.


a half hearted blog post of things i full-heartedly want. don’t worry, i have a few lovely TERRARIUM POSTS coming. mini terrariums, medium terrariums, big terrariums. goldilocks and the three terrariums.

click on the links below each item above to be magically transported.

1. sparkly camera strap. there’s no reason my ever-present camera shouldn’t look adorbs. via bloomtheory.

2. metal thin hand cuff bracelet. need. NEED. via shopbop.

3. tiny turquoise ring to add to the growing stack on my wedding finger. via catbird.

4. metallic lace-up booties. OBVI. via shopbop.

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Land of Nams: living in Johannesburg, exploring the world, documenting the things I love

With Mother’s Day coming up on Sunday in the US and South Africa I did some digging around for some lovely Mom presents. Maybe you have a good friend (or a good daughter?!) that’s a new mom, or your partner just gave birth and deserves something extra special, or you want to find something incredible for your mom this year (and surely you do, with all of the blood, sweat, and tears she put into you).

From the top:

*Tiny gold staple earrings by Kathleen Whitaker at Alder & Co.
These are usually sold as single earrings, and I thought it was more mom-appropriate to give a pair of earrings.
*Linen Whale by Tamar Mogendorff at Alder & Co
This is not a gift for a child but for a mom, maybe a mom that’s really into decorating her baby’s nursery. Because for 295usd there’s no way I would let a child play with that thing.
*Ancienne Infinite Love Ring by Elisa Solomon at catbird
This is an extra special gift, but it’s a Mother’s Day gift that can one day be a {very stylish} family heirloom.
*White and Gold container by Mark Braun at Alder & Co
Perfect for storing those rings on a dresser or night stand, or just something pretty to look at in the living room.


Land of Nams: living in Johannesburg, exploring the world, documenting the things I love

While in nyc I made my annual pilgrimage to my favorite jewelry store, which I’ve talked about several times on this blog so much so that I now have officially declared myself a Catbird Evangelist. I’ve forced P to purchased several things from there but my favorite thing to get is their first knuckle ring. I routinely give them out as presents because they are the best thing ever. A hammered band that sits just below your knuckle. I now get it in the size xxs, because I’ve owned a few xs bands that have sadly fallen off into oblivion- and this time I got it in rose gold. I don’t think that xxs is available on their website but you could write it in the ‘notes’ section of your order. I also picked up their threadbare ring, which is a very very thin hammered gold band. They have the best customer service, and it’s a small woman-owned independent jewelry store that sells MOST FABULOUS designers. Can’t get much better than that.

Catbird is located at 219 Bedford Ave, just take the L train to the Bedford stop. Or shop online, for all you expats they do international shipping. Wahoo!