chipotle duck carnitas + habanero cream sauce

duckcarnitasduckcarnitas2duckcarnitas1duckcarnitas3One of my classic woe is me tales of living around the world is the utter lack of delicious Mexican restaurants easily available when a craving of enchiladas verdes or adobo pork carnitas should strike. We poor souls are left to fend for ourselves, but these duck carnitas almost makes up for being far away from Taqueria y Fonda (between 107 & 108 on Amsterdam, people!)…..almost.

This recipe is easy to do but a bit time consuming because you have to slow cook the duck breasts- you could do the duck part the night before or in a slow cooker while you’re at work, but I like it best for a relaxed Sunday meal.

Duck carnitas with habanero cream sauce (for 2):

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