christopher plummer wears a running hat.

cpwearsahat2 cpwearsahat3 cpwearsahat4cpwearsahat1

Today Christopher Plummer is post-run in his favorite sun-blocking running hat. The fact that canines don’t sweat is wonderful because he can go directly from his run into the office- no shower needed. His colleagues are quite jealous that he gets to his desk an hour before everyone- he’s already made 3 million dollars by the time they walk in at 8 am sipping their mocha lattes!  He has been training hard for a marathon. Christopher Plummer you are such a fit dog, we wish had your dedication and stamina.

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christopher plummer wears a bow tie.


Christopher Plummer had pressing engagements and hardly a minute to properly tie his bow-tie like his mentor, Sir Elton John, taught him to all those years ago when he first graduated from university. Some might frown upon his blase manner, but he was late for a date with a lady- first drinks then dinner. She was charmed by the rough-hewn manner in which his bow-tie was tied and felt it added greatly to his already considerable sex appeal.cpwearsabowtie2

christopher plummer wears a sweater.

plummerwearsasweater plummerwearsasweater1 plummerwearsasweater2

Herr Plummer spends his days in a stiff wool suit, (de rigueur for Wall Street types, such as himself). When he comes home all he wants is to kick back with a bourbon or scotch in front of the fire in his favorite sweater. His exacting taste means this sweater was imported all the way from Brooklyn (gifted to him by the family Koehler).

christopher plummer wears a watch.

christopherplummerwearsawatchChristopher Plummer is a no nonsense man with a lot of business to attend to. Since he lives in the infamous city of Johannesburg he keeps his preferred timepiece, his Cartier Tank Solo, in the bank vault and instead opts to wear a watch of rubber, so as not to draw the unwanted attention of gangsters and thieves.

Christopher Plummer you are such an understated and elegant gentleman.

christopher plummer wears pearls.


Christopher Plummer is a man of the world and he is not afraid to dress in drag. Today Herr Plummer wears pearls. He loves to complete this look by layering his pearls with his brown leather collar and gold-colored dog tag. He hopes you appreciate that he went out on a fashion limb to bring this look to you.  Bonsoir mes amis.

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christopher plummer wears a tie. plus dog shaming.


This week Christopher Plummer wears a tie. The reason he looks ashamed is because he  is should be.

My name is Christopher Plummer and my parents’ friends are very kind to invite me and my mom and dad to their dinner parties. I have shat in no less than three of their homes.

He hasn’t had an accident in 3 weeks at home but apparently he doesn’t think outside is the only appropriate place to eliminate his bowels, he thinks any private space in your home will suffice, thank you very much.