christopher plummer wears a tie. plus dog shaming.


This week Christopher Plummer wears a tie. The reason he looks ashamed is because he  is should be.

My name is Christopher Plummer and my parents’ friends are very kind to invite me and my mom and dad to their dinner parties. I have shat in no less than three of their homes.

He hasn’t had an accident in 3 weeks at home but apparently he doesn’t think outside is the only appropriate place to eliminate his bowels, he thinks any private space in your home will suffice, thank you very much.

christopher plummer wears things.

cpwearsthingscpwearsthings2 cpwearsthings5 cpwearsthings4 cpwearsthings3

Why, hello there. It’s so good to be back.  I’m back with a purpose and this year I’ll be posting on a less frequent but more realistic schedule. I’m a grown ass woman with a full time job, after all. And friends, having a space for my creative spews makes me happy.

A lot has happened since we last spoke. We got a pup! Introducing our mini dachshund, Herr Christopher Plummer and Plummer for short. His adorable mug will be featured in a weekly-ish column called Christopher Plummer Wears Things. He’ll wear all kinds of things. Glasses, turbans, scarves, bow ties, you name it, he’ll wear it. You’ll be back for more, just wait and see.

This week Christopher Plummer wears….nothing! He is buck nekked. Feast your eyes on that, ladies.