homemade ice cream sammies


I picked up these Tovolo ice cream sandwich molds on a whim since I’m craving ice cream sandwiches that you apparently can NOT find in South African grocery stores (let’s blame my recent ceaseless sweet tooth on the running, shall we?).

You do not technically need to spend money on some plastic ice cream molds, you can use cookie cutters and parchment paper a la Smitten Kitchen (you can also just use her entire recipe because, let’s not kid each other here, she’s the Queen).

But if you’re like my mom and like a little brownie with your ice cream, might I suggest using brownie batter and making them reeeally thin?

You need:
Your favorite brownie recipe (store bought if you want to blaspheme/be REAL)
Your favorite ice cream (I used madagascan vanilla, IT’S RIGHT NEXT DOOR)
Ice cream molds
Saran wrap for storing

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the cake trials of 2013: salted caramel buttercream

A while ago I had the most delicious salted caramel buttercream cake at The Bachelor Farmer in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I wanted to recreate it for P’s 30th and since caramel is infamously difficult to make I’ve done a couple trials, and come to a conclusion: buy your caramel from the baking aisle!