Minnetonka Moccasins Give Away!


I’m so excited to host a Minnetonka Moccasins give away! Check out my second DIY on their blog (here is the first one).   I’m extra excited because Minnetonka Moccasins is a Minnesota company.

Win a pair of your own Leopard Kilty Mocs!

To Enter:

-Leave a comment with a link to your favorite pair of shoes from MM.

-Follow me on instagram (@namarama)

-Follow Land of Nams on Blog ‘Lovin

Each of the above counts as another entry.


Sorry, but this give away is limited to residents of the USA or RSA!

Contest closes on midnight EST Sunday, July 14th!

diy: correspondence


In a world of texts and emails and instagram, sometimes real live paper invitations are a pleasure (anachronism?) to receive. No grown ass woman can be bothered on a regular basis but sometimes on occasions like Thanksgiving or P’s 30th it is fun to make it special and exercise your inner creative.

Watercolor paint/stamp/ink friendly blank cards and envelope
Watercolor paint
Stamps & ink
wax seal & sealing wax
optional: paper to line the envelope.

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diy: washi tape + wooden picnic utensils


We’re going away for P’s birthday to the countryside with friends and I wanted to do a special dinner without having to schlep actual plates and utensils but still have a fancypants time- solution: washi tape + wooden utensils.


Cover the handle of your wooden utensils with washi tape. Flip over, and then using scissors trim the excess (this is better than taping them to the sides, they will not stick). I had some fabric tape so I tried that on the knives, too.


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diy: travel jewelry pouch



A while ago I ordered Kathleen Whitaker’s staple earring from Pretty Mommy. It came in the most adorable little bag. I used the bag constantly to store my jewels while traveling, or working out or showering at the gym. I sort of ran it into the ground so I made some DIY replacements.

red, black thread
scissorsblack cord
(optional) embroidery hoop

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diy: guestbook (expat necessities)

guestbook1 guestbook2 guestbook3

Like expats everywhere we are lucky to get many visitors- our house is like a hotel with friends and family coming and going constantly, complete with busy seasons and once in a while double (or triple!) bookings. Sometimes it makes us sad to be far away but the adventures had with visitors more than makes up for it. I’ve been meaning to make a guest book to keep track of it all for years and I finally got around to it last week.

To make up for all the friends who came pre-book and didn’t get to write a note, we went back through P’s Google calendar and wrote a list of all the people who have visited us through the years. Going through the calendar was the best part of this project, we got to re-live memories like when we went to India for the holidays, met friends in London the next weekend, Minneapolis the weekend after that for a wedding, and then two weeks later a girl’s trip to Turkey. Living in Berlin was a wannabe jet setter’s dream. Also, I am a new evangelist for Google Calendars because without P’s use of it there is no easy way we would have been able to recall all of our past guests.


1 blank book (there are lots of blank scrapbooking type books but scrapbooking makes me barfy-faced, so I found this at my favorite stationer’s)
alphabet stamps, ink
wax seal, sealing wax, candle
guestbook pen (optional)

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diy: baby slippers (people be reproducing)

babyslippies-6472For reasons unknown to me, our friends have begun reproducing. This is a scary fact that must be dealt with with a clear head and iron stomach. I am nearing the age of reproduction (WITH A GOOD DOSE OF DENIAL -and also not for about 3-4 years) and when that happens I will forgo wine and sushi and rare steak and unpasteurized cheese for close to a year in the service of a bunch of cells that will literally suck nutrients out of my body and then become an ungrateful child that will suck money out of my bank account for extravagant things like ‘food’ and ‘college’ and ‘winter coats.’

Until I must face my own child-filled reality I can enjoy other people’s babies from the safe distance of NOT MY WOMB and send them cute clothes and stuffed animals and felt baby slippers that I have been diligently manufacturing. Because obviously.


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