DIY: folding chair makeover


I always need extra seating for dinner parties or braais. Folding chairs are ugly. I don’t like ugly things taking up space in my home. Here’s a solution!

I used some cheeky Shwe Shwe fabric with Madiba’s face since we live in South Africa for one and some old scrap I had laying around for the other.

Things you’ll need:
folding chair
drop cloth
spray paint
staple gun

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DIY Navajo inspired shoe laces

shoelacesWinter is coming (I know we’re in denial but fall is officially March 21st!) and when I was in the States for Christmas I bought some Minnetonka Moccasins to keep my feet warm. The brown suede laces were sort of blah, so I bought some red ones which were cute enough and then saw these. Snappy! And thought I could make a pair. You’ll need: shoelaces-3shoelaces-2

Use the masking tape to tape up the laces at a regular interval. I used 1.5 inches. Paint using fabric paint in your preferred color/pattern. Let dry overnight. Take off the masking tape et voila:shoelaces-6380

And that didn’t cost 30usd plus shipping. And Minnetonka Moccs are comfortable as clouds on your feet. You’re welcome.

ombre effects via pugly pixel

diy: hand stamped moleskin pencil

i’m finally back and hopefully consistently for some time! i suffered an extra few busy weeks at work and mostly a creative block. so i’m back, stamping my moleskin pencils. it’s a pretty easy process.

1. Buy some pencils for your moleskin planner or some carpentry pencils.
2. Decide what you want to stamp.
3. Stamp.
4. Let it dry.
5. Enjoy!

Also, here is this hilarious video which incorporates stamping and DIY brides.

diy: industrial concrete notepad

In Berlin my bank (Deutsche Bank) had a branch called “Bank der Zukunft” which means Bank of the Future. I loved it there as much as one can love going to the bank (which is a lot). There was everything from a champagne bar and coffe bar, to a rotating display of goods by different German designers which you could peruse and buy. That is where I got introduced to Betonware and purchased this skinny concrete note pad. Everybody who sees it thinks it’s so clever and more importantly I love staring at it on my desk. And I love concrete. One day when we return to the United States to Settle Down and Buy Something Permanent I hope it’s an industrial loft made of concrete. Until then I created my own version of the concrete notepad and you can too. I got the idea to spray paint the sides of the paper from this pin.

I love it so much I kind of want to start selling them!

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diy: dip dyed alphabet magnets

On my latest favoritest blog Radical Possibility (Zandi is cussy and snarky and does amazing diy projects, and sometimes they’re a big hilarious FAIL) was recently a post on knock off gold fridge magnets. I loved these because 1) if I ever have kids I certainly don’t want their ugly crap lying all over the house- the more you can disguise their crap into pretty items of decor (only beautiful artisanal wooden toys for any future children! ;) the better and 2) seriously, what I don’t need kids to want alphabet magnets. She mentioned dip dying them so I took this project in that direction.

You’ll need:
-alphabet magnets (another trip to the TOY STORE please)
-white spray paint
-gold acrylic paint

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diy: chevron tray

To corral all of the COFFEE RELATED CRAP in the kitchen I made a gold chevron tray. I wanted something simple so made oversized zig-zags. The other reason I want something pretty for the coffee stuff is that thanks to my friend Anna I bought an electric milk froth-er. I’m going to make thousands of espresso drinks on our trip to St. Lucia (the milk froth-er is coming with us).  Pre-safari latte is where it’s at.

1 white tray
gold spray paint
over sized masking tape

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