DIY Navajo inspired shoe laces

shoelacesWinter is coming (I know we’re in denial but fall is officially March 21st!) and when I was in the States for Christmas I bought some Minnetonka Moccasins to keep my feet warm. The brown suede laces were sort of blah, so I bought some red ones which were cute enough and then saw these. Snappy! And thought I could make a pair. You’ll need: shoelaces-3shoelaces-2

Use the masking tape to tape up the laces at a regular interval. I used 1.5 inches. Paint using fabric paint in your preferred color/pattern. Let dry overnight. Take off the masking tape et voila:shoelaces-6380

And that didn’t cost 30usd plus shipping. And Minnetonka Moccs are comfortable as clouds on your feet. You’re welcome.

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DIY: A just-right rug

Land of Nams: living in Johannesburg, exploring the world, documenting the things I love

While in the States and whiling away one morning on Pinterest I was inspired to finally do the entry way. So on Sunday morning P and I taped, painted, spray painted, sanded and drilled our way to a welcoming foyer. We have to do a second layer of paint still on one of the walls ( we ran out after Builder’s had closed) but it’s 90 percent there. I needed a rug with a pop of color, and finding a rug that was just right and not going to break the bank was proving fruitless. Then I remembered Monica at Oh Sweet Escape had an amazing rug tutorial that I have been waiting to use. One day I’ll do a giant rug like hers (sadly there is no Ikea in South Africa) but this practice baby rug was the pop of color the entryway needed. My rug differed from hers in that I used fabric paint (since it’s small it was more practical than mixing paint fabric medium) and I didn’t use a geometric pattern, also because of the size. And finally, (again because of the small size) this was an easy project I finished in an hour.

You will need:

-A neutral rug (mine is a very faint blue). I got it from Mr. Price for 99ZAR or about 12USD.

-Two small tubs of fabric paint (I got mine at Builder’s Warehouse for 17ZAR each)

-Masking Tape/Painter’s tape (as you can see I ran out of Painter’s and continued with masking)

-A  mini paint roller (also Builder’s Warehouse

-Measuring tape/builder’s tape

Land of Nams: living in Johannesburg, exploring the world, documenting the things I love

1. Measure your rug and decide on a pattern. Tape the pattern using the measuring tape and the lines of the rug weave to keep it straight

2. Pour your paint into a small painting tray, using your roller lightly paint the rug. You can decide how opaque you want yours to be, I kept mine pretty light because of the dark color.

3. Remove the masking tape and let dry. Voila!

Land of Nams: living in Johannesburg, exploring the world, documenting the things I love

Here is a small sliver of the entryway. It’s not quite finished and I’ll show it you later this week. Yes, those walls are metallic gold.