polo & picnics: zucchini and chickpea faux falafel

This weekend our friends decided to trek to the BMW international polo match between South Africa and India. I had a lovely time sipping wine (with ice in it, because when in Rome…), googling the rules for Polo and half heartedly cheering for India (as noted I was on the wine). We packed a picnic, celebrated the arrival of summer weather (oh yes, THIS is why we love it here), stomped divots watched other people stomp divots (re: The Wine).

The day before P and I made zucchini and chickpea “falafel.” I got the idea from Whole Living (via Pinterest) but re-worked it to include tastier elements and added tzatziki (which in Turkish is pronounced ja-jeeky FYI) thanks to inspiration from all the meals we ate at my friend Tulin’s place during our Berlin years.

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