fashion friday: birthday present and how to tie a scarf

it’s lame to post two things buy the same designers two weeks in a row, but you get what you get and you don’t have a fit. i demanded got this Alexander Mcqueen skull scarf for my birthday. i’m using this how to tie a scarf card by Hermès for how to wear it in a way that’s not tying it onto my bag. i’m running a 10k called We Run Jozi in two weeks and since running for me is just an excuse to pretend i’m dancing this is what i’m run/dancing to lately. happiest of weekends!

fashion friday: alexander mcQueen

I bought myself a little treat in the form of a purse. My mom transported it to SA for me and this week I can’t bear to be apart from the buttery leather for too long. It’s a big one, so I can throw my MacBook in and bring it to work. I can also bring it on safari (P said he the hippos were going to eat it). Nothing like a new bag to make you feel like your birthday is next week.

(mcQueen tote via farfetch)

Happy Friday from Johannesburg town

fashion friday: arm party

Unless I’m attending an Indian wedding, I’m a less is more kind of woman. I like barely-there rings from catbird, that are a nice surprise when you notice them. But I gotta love  a trend that allows me to buy bracelets like they’re going extinct and embrace my 7th grade self who wore a ring on every finger and thought I was The Shit (I wasn’t the shit. I looked like a boy and thus boys didn’t “like me like me” and the essays I wrote in Mr. Billing’s English class were far too serious for a 12 year old).

So I present my Arm Stack.

1. Stella and Dot Renegade Cluster Bracelet 
2. & 3. Randoms from Arts on Main
4. YDE {Young Designer’s Emporium}
5. Adia Kibur from Shopbop

And, I gots me a manicure with Scotch Naturals in Leprechaun Lynch and for my party nail, Christian Dior in Paradise.

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fashion friday: diy gold feathered shoulders

This week I fancied a grey shirt with gold feathered shoulders. The nineties are back people, and there is nothing you or I can do about it.

For this project I used:

1 grey shirt, cropped-ish (I got mine from Mr. Price!) That’s like Old Navy for all you ‘mericans. I got a cropped-ish specifically so I could wear it with my high waisted pants (like above) or my pleated black midi skirt and a loud skinny belt.

1/8 yard vinyl (any color)

spray paint (gold)

needle and thread


First I cut my vinyl into shapes like so. I made about 50. It’s not an exact science, shape and size wise.

Like many things on this blog, I took them outside and spray painted them. I picked gold. Black would look nice too. 

Then I put on my shirt and marked where I wanted the shoulder pad thingies to start with a pin. Then I started sewin’. About 5 or 6 in a row closer to the top, and 4ish towards the bottom. Again, this is not an exact science nor is it Project Runway.

Et Voila!

The only lame thing about this project is my pictures. I’m sorry. Sometimes the stars, lighting and photographer availability don’t align. Maybe I’ll re-photograph it and add it later on. When I wear it I feel like I have cool bird shoulder wings. It’s like an extremely less severe version of this shirt that Kim Kardashian was wearing. And when it comes to Kim Kardashian, it’s always a good bet to be less extreme than her.

fashion friday: diy first knuckle rings

     After making some jewelry when Anna and Maureen came to visit, I had about 1,000 crimps left over and no ideas. So for this Fashion Friday, I’m combining some of my favorite things: first knuckle rings, jewelry made of thin strings and DIY.
You’ll need:
Silk thread, or embroidery thread in the color of your choice
A pair of pliers
     Simply follow the instructions above, except I forgot to add: TRIM OFF THE EXCESS THREAD after your clamp down on the crimps. You can make a whole stack or just a couple to add to the party on your hand. I used black thread, obvi but feel free to get crazy. For the pinky ring I just added a separator. Add anything you like!
The two thin bands on my hand are the catbird first knuckle ring in rose gold and their threadbare ring in yellow gold.