DIY Navajo inspired shoe laces

shoelacesWinter is coming (I know we’re in denial but fall is officially March 21st!) and when I was in the States for Christmas I bought some Minnetonka Moccasins to keep my feet warm. The brown suede laces were sort of blah, so I bought some red ones which were cute enough and then saw these. Snappy! And thought I could make a pair. You’ll need: shoelaces-3shoelaces-2

Use the masking tape to tape up the laces at a regular interval. I used 1.5 inches. Paint using fabric paint in your preferred color/pattern. Let dry overnight. Take off the masking tape et voila:shoelaces-6380

And that didn’t cost 30usd plus shipping. And Minnetonka Moccs are comfortable as clouds on your feet. You’re welcome.

ombre effects via pugly pixel

fashion friday: birthday present and how to tie a scarf

it’s lame to post two things buy the same designers two weeks in a row, but you get what you get and you don’t have a fit. i demanded got this Alexander Mcqueen skull scarf for my birthday. i’m using this how to tie a scarf card by Hermès for how to wear it in a way that’s not tying it onto my bag. i’m running a 10k called We Run Jozi in two weeks and since running for me is just an excuse to pretend i’m dancing this is what i’m run/dancing to lately. happiest of weekends!

fashion friday: alexander mcQueen

I bought myself a little treat in the form of a purse. My mom transported it to SA for me and this week I can’t bear to be apart from the buttery leather for too long. It’s a big one, so I can throw my MacBook in and bring it to work. I can also bring it on safari (P said he the hippos were going to eat it). Nothing like a new bag to make you feel like your birthday is next week.

(mcQueen tote via farfetch)

Happy Friday from Johannesburg town

a working woman’s staples.

staples for neha's job
My adorable sis Neha recently started her first job after graduating from college. She’s been trying to amass a work wardrobe and asked me to find some affordable staples for her to round out and supplement her clothes. Here are some staples along with accessories so she can look polished and professional at her first foray into the real world, keeping ‘work-conservative’ and maintaining her style.
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i can haz melted disco ballz?

i have lots of DIY and house tour posts up my sleeve- let’s just say concrete and spray painted wonders are drying all over our house. because of a party that got a bit…shall we say…out of hand on saturday night, my sunday was too full of napping and not full of crafting and therefore i present to you a picture of disco balls to stare at. aren’t they all so pretty? in other news i’m cautiously embracing a spring wardrobe and bought a pair of nude flat wedges comme ça and last week i met President Clinton. clearly i’m Busy and Important.