diy: alexander mcqueen-inspired flats

     I was admiring these McQ by Alexander McQueen studded pointy toed flats. Even though McQ is his ‘cheap’ label, they’re $375 usd. Why thank you McQueen, for making design accessible to the people. And yet, I couldn’t get them out of my mind- some damned flats with pointy studs on them would be the perfect addition to my winter wardrobe (it’s winter here, COMPLAINCOMPLAIN). 
     So obvi, I got over myself and made a pair of my own. It’s not a bag after all, it’s a pair of shoes that I’m going to wear into the ground in one season. 
1 pair of black pointy {faux} suede flats
34-50 pointy studs (depending on how many you want)
gold spray paint (if your studs aren’t the right color)
glue gun
I had to spray paint my pointy studs because they were not gold, and I couldn’t find any gold ones. Then I simply glued them on to the back of my shoes in a similar pattern as the McQ shoes. I meant to do 25 on each but I think my studs were too big. 
Going to wear these all around town, smugly.