iPhone week

The affection I feel for my iPhone is a bit disturbing, I love it like it’s a person. I’ve had close calls where I’ve left it at a restaurant (and got it back!), dropped it in a cup of tea (and resurrected it) to not appreciate how much I depend on this beautiful little piece of technology. I bought some accessories for it which I will featured this week. First up, my retro Moshi Moshi handset. It makes me feel like I’m in 1989 (which was a pretty relaxed year, since I was 5) and reduces the radiation to my head when I’m on the phone.
On another note while we were walking around the Arts on Main market yesterday, and a super chill reader named Anna (sorry if I’m spelling it wrong!) introduced herself and said the kindest things about Land Of Nams. It made me feel so good, it was so nice to hear especially because I would be entirely too shy to tell someone that (except one time I made Detective Carver from The Wire and I just gushed and gushed about how much that show meant to me). Thanks for taking the time out of your day to say kind words! I was going to take a break this week while we go on safari this week with P’s family, but that interaction motivated me to do posts from the road.
Also, Happy Anniversary (yesterday) to P who makes me feel like I’m as badass as Beyonce.

saw + conquered.

 P’s family is coming to visit in 6 weeks and therefore mule-ing me some desperately desired online shopping loot that I can’t do here (thanks family!). Every once in a while you gotta Treat. Yo. Self. 
1. Native Union Moshi Moshi retro receiver for your iPhone in silver. I’m the last person on Earth to know about these things but I CAN’T WAIT to get my hands on it. I almost got it in gold but I thought P may like to use it to. You’re welcome P. 
2. Stella & Dot Renegade Spiked Cluster bracelet. I’ve been looking for this exact bracelet for months ever since I spotted it on A House In the Hills. Too bad I’ll have to wait until August to add it to my bracelet stacking. 
3.  Brown leather weekender bag. I bought this locally during an after work shopping treat- it’s the perfect size and perfect for our upcoming adventures- we have two weekends away with friends in the next few weeks , a 1 year anniversary trip P has planned for us to do the Garden Route, and two safaris each with our respective families.  The first safari will be a road trip, so not a lot of room for luggage. The second we’re flying in little planes around Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe with smaller than normal luggage restrictions. This is the perfect thing! 
4. Alice + Olivia’s black peplum dress. I NEED PEPLUM IN MY LIFE. Plus we’re going to our first South African wedding in September and I’m so excited, I think this will be the perfect thing to wear.
Go buy some stuff you want. You work so hard, you deserve to TREAT YO SELF. 

Anna and Maureen’s visit, according to my iPhone

Two of my best girlfriends have been visiting us for the past two weeks. We went on safari in Kruger and flew down to Cape Town and explored Johannesburg thoroughly. It was a blissful time and I wish your best friends could always be across the hall, a few steps away like they were in college.  It was sad to take them to the airport yesterday but if we all lived in the same place we probably wouldn’t have spent the last two weeks spotting lions together in Kruger, wine tasting in the Western Cape and eating meat and pap with our hands at a shisa nyama in Soweto. I feel so thankful that so many of our friends have come and visited us here in South Africa (and when we were in Berlin) and all the priceless memories we have running around the world with them.

Thanks for coming, Anna and Mo! xx