instagram vids

I’m loving the new video feature on Instagram- the only thing is I would like to make my videos better with a tripod or a steadying grip, (which are actually available! at photojojo). Here are some general pro tips for shooting better instagram videos (also courtesy of photojojo). I really enjoy watching the videos that people spend a bit of time and thought into shooting (this applies to pictures as well). No one wants to see your grainy under-lit dinner!! Putting some light and composition into your ‘grams and vids makes the internet and instagram feeds a more beautiful place.

What are your instagram video secrets?

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iPhone week: holga filter & lens turret

The last iPhone accessory I purchased from Photojojo is the Holga Special Lens & Filter Turret (now available here). Amidst my  incessant instagramming, it’s fun to use ACTUAL lenses and filters, it makes your iphoneography more of an experience. Plus, I think it’s a nice alternative to an actual Holga camera, since I don’t really have the patience to wait for film.

The lenses and filters include a macro mode, a heart outline, and lots of other fun stuff. I also like it because you don’t have to take the lenses on and off like my other iPhone lenses- sometimes they’re a pain because I drop them all the time. The Holga is ready for spontaneous photo action anytime the moment arises.

iPhone week: second time’s a charm

Despite my good intentions and lofty proclamations of posting while on vacation, it wasn’t to be: safari doesn’t allow for internet, not even a 3g stick worked. So I’m back on the horse this week- my page hits are as higher than ever, and I want to give the people what they want! We had an incredible week on vacation with my in laws- we got to show them where we live- touring around Jozi, introducing them to our friends, and taking them on safari- one of the great privileges of living in South Africa as a foreigner is being able to take your friends and family (lots of them!) on their first ever safari. I don’t think anything on this planet Earth compares to the first time a rhino or a lion is chilling a few feet away from you in its natural habitat. I’ll post pictures from our trip later on.
The second iPhone accessory that I acquired were some lenses from Photojojo for my iPhone. My idea was to iPhone-a-graph our safari. I didn’t quite work out as I wanted it to because I just couldn’t resist reaching for my telephoto but I managed to get some cool shots which I’ll share later.
For now, here are some examples of what you can do with your iPhone + simple lenses. PS. the Macro and the Fisheye are my favorites! 

iPhone week

The affection I feel for my iPhone is a bit disturbing, I love it like it’s a person. I’ve had close calls where I’ve left it at a restaurant (and got it back!), dropped it in a cup of tea (and resurrected it) to not appreciate how much I depend on this beautiful little piece of technology. I bought some accessories for it which I will featured this week. First up, my retro Moshi Moshi handset. It makes me feel like I’m in 1989 (which was a pretty relaxed year, since I was 5) and reduces the radiation to my head when I’m on the phone.
On another note while we were walking around the Arts on Main market yesterday, and a super chill reader named Anna (sorry if I’m spelling it wrong!) introduced herself and said the kindest things about Land Of Nams. It made me feel so good, it was so nice to hear especially because I would be entirely too shy to tell someone that (except one time I made Detective Carver from The Wire and I just gushed and gushed about how much that show meant to me). Thanks for taking the time out of your day to say kind words! I was going to take a break this week while we go on safari this week with P’s family, but that interaction motivated me to do posts from the road.
Also, Happy Anniversary (yesterday) to P who makes me feel like I’m as badass as Beyonce.