consumerist series 5: vintage neutrals


 All the early 20th century period films plus my recent main-lining of Boardwalk Empire are creating a hunger for that Prohibition era look.

1. Caroline paneled dress by LRK. It would go fab with my new MAC lipstick in Girl About Town.

2. I’ve been craving a head dress since my wedding. This is the perfect (& cheap!) solution.

3. Karen Walker cat-eye sunglasses. We are going to Zanzibar in a couple months for some fun in the sun. It will go perfectly with my…

4. High waisted 50s style bikini. Though I’ve recently come to terms with the fact that the one piece and high waisted suits are even harder to look good in than a skimpy bikini.

5. Loeffler Randall Octavia high top sneaker. They would feel and look divine while traveling.

**Welcome to the consumerist column, where I detail things I want. Because I want a lot of things and I’m not ashamed to say it.**


a working woman’s staples.

staples for neha's job
My adorable sis Neha recently started her first job after graduating from college. She’s been trying to amass a work wardrobe and asked me to find some affordable staples for her to round out and supplement her clothes. Here are some staples along with accessories so she can look polished and professional at her first foray into the real world, keeping ‘work-conservative’ and maintaining her style.
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