the animals of okavango, moremi and chobe

Here are my photos from our safari. I didn’t get my hands on my dad’s huge L lens but good news: he’s letting me borrow it between January and June of next year (there are not many animals to photograph in Minnesota). It was a fun change to safari somewhere outside of South Africa and my favorite pictures are of the crocodiles which were so close, in the magic hour before sunset. Botswana is famous for its elephants, which are everywhere you turn. I’ve never seen so many elephants in my life! Luckily for my parents we got some quality time with lions too.



botswana, zimbabwe and zambia instagrammed

We had a lovely holiday with my parents through 3 countries and lots of animals. I took lots of shots that still need to be edited but here is what I got on my iphone. We safaried by air, land and sea (mokoro) through the Okavango Delta, Moremi and Chobe, and viewed Victoria Falls from Zambia and Zimbabwe. It was fun to add countries to our list and log even more safari time (you can never have too much safari) and get up close and personal with crocs, lions, elephants etc. We kept the mosquitos away (but not the spiders, I have a huge nasty bite) and kept cool to boot. There was lots of quality time and great memories.