Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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With Mother’s Day coming up on Sunday in the US and South Africa I did some digging around for some lovely Mom presents. Maybe you have a good friend (or a good daughter?!) that’s a new mom, or your partner just gave birth and deserves something extra special, or you want to find something incredible for your mom this year (and surely you do, with all of the blood, sweat, and tears she put into you).

From the top:

*Tiny gold staple earrings by Kathleen Whitaker at Alder & Co.
These are usually sold as single earrings, and I thought it was more mom-appropriate to give a pair of earrings.
*Linen Whale by Tamar Mogendorff at Alder & Co
This is not a gift for a child but for a mom, maybe a mom that’s really into decorating her baby’s nursery. Because for 295usd there’s no way I would let a child play with that thing.
*Ancienne Infinite Love Ring by Elisa Solomon at catbird
This is an extra special gift, but it’s a Mother’s Day gift that can one day be a {very stylish} family heirloom.
*White and Gold container by Mark Braun at Alder & Co
Perfect for storing those rings on a dresser or night stand, or just something pretty to look at in the living room.