he got that super bass…

he got that super bass…..


a couple of nights ago at dinner p was telling me that he loves it here and likes his beat so much more than berlin and that he hasn’t felt THIS stimulated at work in a while. and i was so jealous of happy for him. we should all be lucky enough to find employment . a career which stimulates us and isn’t really ‘work.’ well today i was doing a quick google search of his name, which i do periodically even with my google alerts, and found out that google even fills in the rest of his name if you start typing it, let alone him being the first choice that shows up.

google doesn’t do that for my name, or at least not for THIS namrata singh. i am always proud of him and his work but sometimes stuff like that makes me pause and reflect on how awesome and bad @ss he is and how he inspires me to be awesome and bad @ss too. so this is a shameless admiration for p post. it’s ok p, don’t be embarrassed. instead of going on more about it, i’ll let nicki tell you how i feel.


7th october, 2011