diy: industrial concrete notepad

In Berlin my bank (Deutsche Bank) had a branch called “Bank der Zukunft” which means Bank of the Future. I loved it there as much as one can love going to the bank (which is a lot). There was everything from a champagne bar and coffe bar, to a rotating display of goods by different German designers which you could peruse and buy. That is where I got introduced to Betonware and purchased this skinny concrete note pad. Everybody who sees it thinks it’s so clever and more importantly I love staring at it on my desk. And I love concrete. One day when we return to the United States to Settle Down and Buy Something Permanent I hope it’s an industrial loft made of concrete. Until then I created my own version of the concrete notepad and you can too. I got the idea to spray paint the sides of the paper from this pin.

I love it so much I kind of want to start selling them!

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