house tour: mid century modern replaces ikea


We are slowly but surely switching out the Furniture of our Youths to The Furniture of Real Adults. We got a mid century modern chair from the 50’s, re-done by Decade Furniture on 44 Stanley Ave.

In a future time we’ll have a zebra rug, walls in 50 shades of grey, a pimping kitchen, some banging textiles from the city of Jaipur and an art deco bar cart from Society Social. Then all my decorating dreamz will be realized. For now, we buy piece by piece.



house tour: one night stand.

nightstandstylig6nightstandstyling3 nightstandstyling4 nightstandstyling5nightstandstyling2nightstandstyling1 After almost two (2!) years in our house I tackled my nightstand (note: not P’s, just mine). It’s cheerful but cheeky.

Bitch, Please sign here.
Glass vase and water glass/caraffe here and here
Cream and gold bowl here
Ceramic whale ring holder, something similar here
Tray here (via Anatomy Design)
Black Candle here (via Bougie Parfumee)
Journal (gifted) but here are some nice ones.

consumerist: series 3. catbird at home

catbirddecor catbirddecor2

Besides being my go-to spot for jewelry, catbird curates and sells amaze home goods, art, candles and fantastic little presents and cards for your extra especial ladeez. When last in New York I picked up this bowl to corral my nightstand nonsense and this little pencil satchel which says ‘these machines kill fascists’ which is a shout out to Woody Guthrie who was a BAMF and also,I like to believe the pen IS mightier than the sword (most of the time?).

diy: guestbook (expat necessities)

guestbook1 guestbook2 guestbook3

Like expats everywhere we are lucky to get many visitors- our house is like a hotel with friends and family coming and going constantly, complete with busy seasons and once in a while double (or triple!) bookings. Sometimes it makes us sad to be far away but the adventures had with visitors more than makes up for it. I’ve been meaning to make a guest book to keep track of it all for years and I finally got around to it last week.

To make up for all the friends who came pre-book and didn’t get to write a note, we went back through P’s Google calendar and wrote a list of all the people who have visited us through the years. Going through the calendar was the best part of this project, we got to re-live memories like when we went to India for the holidays, met friends in London the next weekend, Minneapolis the weekend after that for a wedding, and then two weeks later a girl’s trip to Turkey. Living in Berlin was a wannabe jet setter’s dream. Also, I am a new evangelist for Google Calendars because without P’s use of it there is no easy way we would have been able to recall all of our past guests.


1 blank book (there are lots of blank scrapbooking type books but scrapbooking makes me barfy-faced, so I found this at my favorite stationer’s)
alphabet stamps, ink
wax seal, sealing wax, candle
guestbook pen (optional)

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This weekend I am headed to Durban with P to be the official photographer for an article he is writing. Woootl! We go away for the quick weekend a lot and so I’ve become pretty efficient at throwing together a bag. One thing that I can say about myself is that while I generally love the excess, I’m good at keeping my luggage to a minimum (I have gone on three week trips with only a rollie carry on).

My strategy, whether I’m going away for 2 days or 2 weeks, is to write up a list on my iPhone in the Notes app. I’m a pretty last minute person but if I have a big trip coming up then I can add things to my packing list as I think of them in the days leading up to it. This way, when I’m inevitably throwing things into a bag hours before my flight I don’t miss anything important.

Weekend Away Checklist:

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DIY: folding chair makeover


I always need extra seating for dinner parties or braais. Folding chairs are ugly. I don’t like ugly things taking up space in my home. Here’s a solution!

I used some cheeky Shwe Shwe fabric with Madiba’s face since we live in South Africa for one and some old scrap I had laying around for the other.

Things you’ll need:
folding chair
drop cloth
spray paint
staple gun

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a new coffee table.

We thankfully said goodbye to our 18 euro plastic and and particle board Ikea coffee table- and embraced our real, grown up mid-century modern coffee table. P’s parents bought it for us for our 1 year anniversary from Brak Furniture in Johannesburg. How nice of them! Now to replace one more ikea chair with one from Anatomy Design and my living room can be the living room of a grown ass woman.