paper anniversary trip, instagrammed

our first wedding anniversary is coming up in a few days on August 5th, since we’ll be hosting P’s family starting this Friday, we took last weekend to explore the southern tip of Africa. the past year has gone by SO FAST, it feels like we’ve been married closer to a month than a year. we stood at the bottom of the world on different oceans, ate our weight in oysters and champagne and went on a serious hike through a national park next to the ocean where we were alone with dolphins, almost walked into a blue duikker, and caught a glimpse of a Knysna Lourie. to get positively GUSHY: i feel incredibly lucky, sometimes i can’t believe our life is real.

this one of the songs from our wedding. a few of our talented friends performed it and i was in heaven listening to them.

5 things I’m thankful for, cheeselessly

Land Of Nams: living in Johannesburg, exploring the world, documenting the things I love

It’s probably trite and besides when I think about things I’m thankful for it’s difficult not to get extremely corny. But here are five things I’m thankful for as CHEESE-LESS as possible:


1. P. Obviously. He is my best friend and he takes care of me to the max, and he is super smart and nice. And sometimes he lets me shop for him and he is extremely grateful whenever I cook him dinner. He also is calm and reasonable, which is a nice counterbalance to my personality which can best be described as totally f*cking insane. Plus, he is tall and has a deep voice and is very ambitious and all of these things are very sexy.

2. My family. I know that not everyone gets a good one in this life. Even though they are also totally insane I know I can always ask my mom to fly in and unpack my boxes even though I’m a grown ass woman count on them to be very proud of me. Also my in-laws because they are  equally as insane very nice to me.

3. Living abroad. I was thinking about this and wonder when ‘abroad’ (the US) became ‘home’ for my parents. I think it just sneaks up on you. If you ever get an opportunity to do it, you won’t regret it. You learn NYC isn’t the only cool place to live in. PS Joburg > Cape Town, yea I said it. We can’t compete in natural beauty but we have the BEST people. Just try and dispute that. I love Joburg. Na Na Na.

4.  This opportunity to figure out my desires and ambitions in life. If I was still in NYC or we had stayed in Berlin I would still be teaching math. And that is not what I want to be doing. I have time to make this blog and be creative. And here we can afford to live on one income. Anyway, having time for photography, cooking, designing our house, and doing multi-media projects ; ) is priceless and I know it.  F*ck me, I sound like an American Berliner.

5. Ugh, this so cliche but I am so thankful for my extended family. They are SO much fun, and last year we brought P to India for the first time and they just gave it their all showing him a nice time. Plus my aunts traipsed all over India with us finding just the right details for my our wedding. Then a few months later they hauled ass across two oceans (and some a few states) just to come parade their diamonds and party watch us get married. All of them. Who gets so lucky as to have a totally awesome nuclear family AND extended family?? Plus I definitely know where my cray cray comes from. And I’m proud of it.

Also, for some levity I give you an Animals Talking in All Caps that might as well be P and me on any given night.

Happy Thanksgiving!

our wedding.

weddings are fraught with so much pressure to be perfect. the perfect details, the perfect favors, the perfect vision…perfect weather even. well our wedding wasn’t blogosphere perfect, but it was PERFECT. and with that i’ll leave you with our highlights reel. the most awkward part is in the middle where we have to stand awkwardly in poses for the camera.

8th october, 2011

he got that super bass…

he got that super bass…..


a couple of nights ago at dinner p was telling me that he loves it here and likes his beat so much more than berlin and that he hasn’t felt THIS stimulated at work in a while. and i was so jealous of happy for him. we should all be lucky enough to find employment . a career which stimulates us and isn’t really ‘work.’ well today i was doing a quick google search of his name, which i do periodically even with my google alerts, and found out that google even fills in the rest of his name if you start typing it, let alone him being the first choice that shows up.

google doesn’t do that for my name, or at least not for THIS namrata singh. i am always proud of him and his work but sometimes stuff like that makes me pause and reflect on how awesome and bad @ss he is and how he inspires me to be awesome and bad @ss too. so this is a shameless admiration for p post. it’s ok p, don’t be embarrassed. instead of going on more about it, i’ll let nicki tell you how i feel.


7th october, 2011

a night out in joburg with the hubs

Namrata Singh//oliva restaurant’s spicy duck risotto


last night p and i dined at an spanish/italian fusion restaurant called oliva in illovo (a neighborhood next to ours). they have tapas and regular sized dishes depending on what you’re in the mood for. i had the spicy duck risotto, i snapped a pic of the left overs above (not bad, eh?) and it was a buttery spicy delicious dream. if you come and visit we’ll take you there! it was a tiny dark industrial little space with concrete lions and fountains and the wine was delicious. you feel like you are sitting in a restaurant that is a labor of love, with the owner walking around to the small number of tables and making wine suggestions.

all of the africa correspondents for p’s paper were in town for a continent wide meeting so after dinner we headed to a neighborhood called melville on the suggestion of p’s colleague for a fun night of drinks. while it is wonderful to meet and make friends with local south africans, there is something so fun and satisfying when you live abroad about getting tipsy with your fellow countrymen and talking about godknowswhat after a few drinks. topics that we slurred about discussed included a declaration that we agree australia shouldn’t get the designation of its own continent. there are only 21 million people there and we should henceforth refer to it as the largest south asian island. i wish i remembered the name of the bar but all i remember is the men were patted down to make sure they weren’t packing which always adds a little excitement to your evening. 

5th october, 2011