saffron-infused gin cocktail

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I used my saffron infused gin to make this delicious drink for a girls’ night last week.

In a martini shaker, mix: ice, 6 ml of rose water, a muddled 1/2 lemon grass stick, 10ml of lemon juice, a dash of Anugstura Bitters and 50ml of saffron infused gin. Pour over a couple cubes of ice and a lemon grass stick for garnish. If you want add a little tonic or soda water if you’re in the mood for bubbles.


DIY: Saffron Infused Gin, and label download

Land of Nams: living in Johannesburg, exploring the world, documenting the things I love

In a continuation of this week’s bar themeGabriel Boudier’s Saffron Gin is all the rage right now. It’s very pretty and it tastes delicious, but you can infuse your own too. (Warning, this is not as sweet as Boudier’s gin, but simply saffron infused gin):
You’ll need:
a packet of saffron (they come in tiny packets because it’s is a relatively expensive and strong herb)
a mason jar
a coffee filter
a funnel
a bottle for your finished gin (or you can put it back in the original)
a label (optional, duh)
First disinfect your mason jar by boiling it in a pot of water for a few minutes. While that is going on, if you are using a bottle that’s not your original gin bottle, measure out how much gin you’re going to infuse. After the mason jar has cooled off and dried, pour the saffron on the bottom and the gin in on top of the saffron, put the lid on and shake it up. Store in a cool, dark cupboard for 3-4 days, shaking it at least twice a day. Print out your label and affix to the new bottle with either glue or transparent tape (do this before there’s gin in the bottle, it’s easier). When the gin is done, put your coffee filter into a funnel and pour the infused gin through it into it’s final storing place (this is obviously to strain out the saffron threads). Voila! You have a yummy, lovely bottle of gin. Next week I’ll show you a yummy cocktail to drink using your saffron infused gin.
 Unfortunately WP won’t let me upload Photoshop files. SO, below I have a generic jpeg for saffron infused gin (the aqua gin color compliments the mustard color of the saffron gin) as well as a jpeg for just the border. Click on the border download, then right click (or command click if you’re a Mac like me) on the picture and choose ‘Save Image As….’ to download the picture. Open it in Word and make your own label with your own fonts and your own colors and size. Tada!