diy: chevron tray

To corral all of the COFFEE RELATED CRAP in the kitchen I made a gold chevron tray. I wanted something simple so made oversized zig-zags. The other reason I want something pretty for the coffee stuff is that thanks to my friend Anna I bought an electric milk froth-er. I’m going to make thousands of espresso drinks on our trip to St. Lucia (the milk froth-er is coming with us).  Pre-safari latte is where it’s at.

1 white tray
gold spray paint
over sized masking tape

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fashion friday: diy gold feathered shoulders

This week I fancied a grey shirt with gold feathered shoulders. The nineties are back people, and there is nothing you or I can do about it.

For this project I used:

1 grey shirt, cropped-ish (I got mine from Mr. Price!) That’s like Old Navy for all you ‘mericans. I got a cropped-ish specifically so I could wear it with my high waisted pants (like above) or my pleated black midi skirt and a loud skinny belt.

1/8 yard vinyl (any color)

spray paint (gold)

needle and thread


First I cut my vinyl into shapes like so. I made about 50. It’s not an exact science, shape and size wise.

Like many things on this blog, I took them outside and spray painted them. I picked gold. Black would look nice too. 

Then I put on my shirt and marked where I wanted the shoulder pad thingies to start with a pin. Then I started sewin’. About 5 or 6 in a row closer to the top, and 4ish towards the bottom. Again, this is not an exact science nor is it Project Runway.

Et Voila!

The only lame thing about this project is my pictures. I’m sorry. Sometimes the stars, lighting and photographer availability don’t align. Maybe I’ll re-photograph it and add it later on. When I wear it I feel like I have cool bird shoulder wings. It’s like an extremely less severe version of this shirt that Kim Kardashian was wearing. And when it comes to Kim Kardashian, it’s always a good bet to be less extreme than her.

something from nothing: diy gift wrap

This week I had the great pleasure to wrap a gift for two friends. I usually don’t get too creative with wrapping paper, since the whole point is that it gets ripped off. Since I have been spray painting so much gold this week (more to come tomorrow!) , I found a leaf in the backyard that was an innocent spray painting casualty.  (I always think the grass that gets accidentally spray painted is so pretty, but I’ve never done anything with it except photograph it). I couldn’t let the pretty leaf go to waste so I used it to wrap a gift. This is the perfect way to use crap you have laying around your house to make a pretty gift: waste not, want not. I always think it’s a waste of money to spend tons of time and money on wrapping, anyway!

Supplies I found around the house:

Brown Craft Paper or paper grocery bags
Black Silk Cord/Thread
3 leaves from outside, one accidentally spray painted
Scissors, clear tape, and a pin

I first wrapped the gift the brown paper. Then I wrapped the black cord around it a few times. I used a pin to make holes in the three leaves and threaded the black cord through them. Obviously, just sub-in your own version of Crap Around The House.

Easy, pretty, and free.

Something from nothing, which is the best kind of DIY.