fashion friday: arm party

Unless I’m attending an Indian wedding, I’m a less is more kind of woman. I like barely-there rings from catbird, that are a nice surprise when you notice them. But I gotta love  a trend that allows me to buy bracelets like they’re going extinct and embrace my 7th grade self who wore a ring on every finger and thought I was The Shit (I wasn’t the shit. I looked like a boy and thus boys didn’t “like me like me” and the essays I wrote in Mr. Billing’s English class were far too serious for a 12 year old).

So I present my Arm Stack.

1. Stella and Dot Renegade Cluster Bracelet 
2. & 3. Randoms from Arts on Main
4. YDE {Young Designer’s Emporium}
5. Adia Kibur from Shopbop

And, I gots me a manicure with Scotch Naturals in Leprechaun Lynch and for my party nail, Christian Dior in Paradise.

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saw + conquered.

 P’s family is coming to visit in 6 weeks and therefore mule-ing me some desperately desired online shopping loot that I can’t do here (thanks family!). Every once in a while you gotta Treat. Yo. Self. 
1. Native Union Moshi Moshi retro receiver for your iPhone in silver. I’m the last person on Earth to know about these things but I CAN’T WAIT to get my hands on it. I almost got it in gold but I thought P may like to use it to. You’re welcome P. 
2. Stella & Dot Renegade Spiked Cluster bracelet. I’ve been looking for this exact bracelet for months ever since I spotted it on A House In the Hills. Too bad I’ll have to wait until August to add it to my bracelet stacking. 
3.  Brown leather weekender bag. I bought this locally during an after work shopping treat- it’s the perfect size and perfect for our upcoming adventures- we have two weekends away with friends in the next few weeks , a 1 year anniversary trip P has planned for us to do the Garden Route, and two safaris each with our respective families.  The first safari will be a road trip, so not a lot of room for luggage. The second we’re flying in little planes around Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe with smaller than normal luggage restrictions. This is the perfect thing! 
4. Alice + Olivia’s black peplum dress. I NEED PEPLUM IN MY LIFE. Plus we’re going to our first South African wedding in September and I’m so excited, I think this will be the perfect thing to wear.
Go buy some stuff you want. You work so hard, you deserve to TREAT YO SELF.