the doors of stone town.


In Stone Town one of the first things you notice are the beautiful, brilliantly carved doors. Zanzibar was a stop on the spice route and a gateway to Africa and the Arab, Indian and Swahili influences can be seen everywhere you look. There were old doors for sale in some of the antique shops and I so wanted to one to use for a head board but cooler heads prevailed and we settled for a Zanzibari chest, carved by a lovely Mr. Al Tamimi. Here’s a couple of my favorites that I saw while we wandered through the narrow, meandering passage ways. I wish I could move to Stone Town and get lost there for a few years.

*ps the narrow passage ways made it hard to create good composition without a wide angle lens, so the doors are bit crooked, like the streets, and the tops may be cut off because of this. SOMEBODY deserves a new lens methinks!