consumerist: series 1.

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I’m looking to re-case all my goods. This usually happens whenever I misplace something (this time it was my driver’s license- a HUGE PAIN when you live abroad) I get the urge to put EVERYthing in its place. I scoured the internet for the perfect everything and also a cheaper alternative (but sometimes better! check out the Dodo ipad case).

In some cases the alternative makes sense (i.e. the camera strap, I am not sure I could justify 200usd on a strap no matter HOW wonderful it is), and in some cases it makes sense to invest in the real thing. Since I always have my passport rattling around my bag I need a wallet with room for my passport and phone and that zips so NOTHING can fall out.  One great thing is when you find the perfect camera bag that you NEED to have you can usually find one on Etsy that scratches your itch for half the price (she even makes it in 4 different colors!).

**Welcome to the consumerist column, where I detail things I want. Because I want a lot of things and I’m not ashamed to say it. 

i can haz melted disco ballz?

i have lots of DIY and house tour posts up my sleeve- let’s just say concrete and spray painted wonders are drying all over our house. because of a party that got a bit…shall we say…out of hand on saturday night, my sunday was too full of napping and not full of crafting and therefore i present to you a picture of disco balls to stare at. aren’t they all so pretty? in other news i’m cautiously embracing a spring wardrobe and bought a pair of nude flat wedges comme ça and last week i met President Clinton. clearly i’m Busy and Important.


a half hearted blog post of things i full-heartedly want. don’t worry, i have a few lovely TERRARIUM POSTS coming. mini terrariums, medium terrariums, big terrariums. goldilocks and the three terrariums.

click on the links below each item above to be magically transported.

1. sparkly camera strap. there’s no reason my ever-present camera shouldn’t look adorbs. via bloomtheory.

2. metal thin hand cuff bracelet. need. NEED. via shopbop.

3. tiny turquoise ring to add to the growing stack on my wedding finger. via catbird.

4. metallic lace-up booties. OBVI. via shopbop.


Land of Nams: living in Johannesburg, exploring the world, documenting the things I love

While in nyc I made my annual pilgrimage to my favorite jewelry store, which I’ve talked about several times on this blog so much so that I now have officially declared myself a Catbird Evangelist. I’ve forced P to purchased several things from there but my favorite thing to get is their first knuckle ring. I routinely give them out as presents because they are the best thing ever. A hammered band that sits just below your knuckle. I now get it in the size xxs, because I’ve owned a few xs bands that have sadly fallen off into oblivion- and this time I got it in rose gold. I don’t think that xxs is available on their website but you could write it in the ‘notes’ section of your order. I also picked up their threadbare ring, which is a very very thin hammered gold band. They have the best customer service, and it’s a small woman-owned independent jewelry store that sells MOST FABULOUS designers. Can’t get much better than that.

Catbird is located at 219 Bedford Ave, just take the L train to the Bedford stop. Or shop online, for all you expats they do international shipping. Wahoo!

i need an inexpensive bag for running around joburg….

Source: via Namrata on Pinterest

i’ve seen this all around the internet, i can’t carry my normal bags around jhb, it’s good for a cheap stylish replacement while i’m here from cambridge satchel co….now the million dollar question is whether this will properly be delivered to our po box (you need one, mail doesn’t get delivered to your house) and what will the customs tax be? or will it be a bribe? will it be stolen? i don’t think i can wait for my sis to smuggle it here in jan…