diy: washi tape + wooden picnic utensils


We’re going away for P’s birthday to the countryside with friends and I wanted to do a special dinner without having to schlep actual plates and utensils but still have a fancypants time- solution: washi tape + wooden utensils.


Cover the handle of your wooden utensils with washi tape. Flip over, and then using scissors trim the excess (this is better than taping them to the sides, they will not stick). I had some fabric tape so I tried that on the knives, too.


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weekly planning zen


One of my new year’s resolutions was to be more intentional with my blog so I decided to use an actual paper planner to coordinate my posts. The teacher in me likes to use my favorite Deutsche Stabilo pens and washi tape to plan out my months: visitors, meetings, Land of Nams editorial calendar, and running schedule. At this point in the year I am usually back to to-do lists on my iPhone but so far I’m still stuck to my paper planner.

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